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Carrières de Lumières near the Hotel Fabian des Baux 13520

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Mondrian: the architect of colour

Rectangle 50

Artistic director: Virginie Martin / Stage direction and animation: Cutback

"Nature moves me deeply. I just paint it in a different way".Piet Mondrian

This immersive exhibition presents Mondrian's iconic works, made up of grids in primary colours, which have long inspired artists from all walks of life and influenced pop culture. In graphics, fashion, design, architecture and music, Mondrian created an aesthetic and timeless grammar that paved the way for abstraction. What lies behind this apparent minimalism and this radiant, radical painting? In this immersive exhibition, you can follow the artistic development of the painter as he breaks away from traditional painting to immerse himself in a visionary style of painting: Neoplasticism.

Like his life, his art is steeped in the upheavals of the early 20th century: From candlelight to fluorescent lamps; from Calvinist austerity to the advent of rhythmic, modern music - jazz; from linear Dutch landscapes to the dizzying heights of Manhattan skyscrapers... Mondrian's life is illustrated by these great opposing dynamics which, once on canvas, find a perfect balance, magnified by the grandiose spaces of the Carrières des Lumières.

Naturalist, Fauvist, Pointillist, Cubist, Abstract, each period gradually strips away the superfluous to achieve a painting in search of "general beauty". This immersive experience, divided into five chapters, traces this journey towards visual simplicity: the contrast of Dutch twilights, the power of colour that breaks with realism, the dynamics of the line that becomes rigid, the proportion of surfaces in his Paris studio and the overflowing energy of the New York rhythm.

Artistic direction : Virginie Martin
Directed and animated by : Cutback
Production : Culturespaces Digital®

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